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September in Australia

Miranda Kerr dressed as Wonder Woman, holding an Australian FlagThe National Social Calendar in Australia this September 2019:

New South Wales

  • Bowral Tulip Time Festival
  • Sydney Spring Racing Carnival


  • Australian Football League Grand Final
  • Halls Gap Wildflower Exhabition
  • Royal Melbourne Show
  • Tesselaar's Tulip Festival, Silvan


  • Brisbane Festival including Riverfire fireworks
  • Mackay Sugartime Festival
  • Maryborough Arts Festival
  • Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers
  • Yeppoon Pineapple Festival

Western Australia

  • Perth Royal Show
  • Kings Park Wildflower Festival, Perth
  • York Jazz Festival

Northern Territory

  • Festival of Darwin
  • Tennant Creek Desert Harmony Festival

Aussie Trivia Questions

  1. Wildlife: What colour are a Crocolile's eyes?
  2. Culture: What is the Australian National Salute?
  3. Cooking: Name ten famous Australian Chefs.
  4. Employment: What does a 'Drover' move from a farm to a port?
  5. Economy: Which makes Australia more foreign money: Tourism or Higher Education?
  6. Geography: Where is the Whitsundays located?
  7. Wildlife: Which Australian animals with legs can't walk backwards?
  8. Slang: What kind of a marathon effort is involved in a 'bangaroo'?
  9. Sport: How many points do you get for a goal or try in: Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer?
  10. Sport: Name 20 current or former members of the Australian cricket team.
  11. Crime: Name 7 infamous Australian criminals.
  12. Arts: Name 10 movies made in Australia.
  13. Entertainment: Name 15 famous Australian movie actors.
  14. History: Which explorer named the Murray River in 1829?
  15. Crime: Name the age of consent and age of criminal responsibility in one Aussie state.
  16. Geography: Including Tasmania, is Australia taller or wider than itself?
  17. Culture: If an indigenous Australian is 'deadly' is that a good or a bad person?
  18. Politics: Who is the current deputy leader of the federal opposition?
  19. Culture: When was Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee born?
  20. Wildlife: Name more Australian animals than anyone else.
  21. Entertainment: Which Australian has the most internationally famous bottom?
  22. Cooking: When making damper: do you use plain flour or self raising?
  23. Tourism: Which Aussie city ranks highest on the livable city list?
  24. Wildlife: What is the fastest land based animal in the world?
  25. Culture: What is the Aboriginal name for Aires Rock?
  26. Economy: What natural resource is currently Australia's most profitable export?
  27. Taxation: What is the current corporate tax rate and the consumption tax rate?
  28. Geography: In 1862, explorer John McDouall Stuart crossed the continent from 'South to North' or from 'North to South'?
  29. Wildlife: Do people eat Scrub Turkey meat or Kangaroo meat or both?
  30. Law: Can same sex couples get married in Australia?
  31. Cooking: In the process of making 'billy tea'.. when do you swing it?
  32. Sport: Name 10 indigenous athleates of prominance in Australia.
  33. Cooking: What type of food is a 'snag'?
  34. Politics: Who is the Australian head of state?
  35. Music: Name five music festivals.
  36. Sport: How many overs are in a match of 20 - 20 Cricket?
  37. Slang: If someone tells you 'get off your bike.' What do they want you to do?
  38. Culture: In what Australian town is the 'Black Stump' located?
  39. Wildlife: Which is more dangerous - a salt water crocodile or a fresh water crocodile?
  40. Slang: Is a 'thong' footwear, underwear, or swimming attire?